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Yeah yeah yeah, I know, I continue to not be doing a great job of posting regularly. My health continues to suck, and it means that I don’t blog like I want to. Sorry about that. I’ve set myself alarms on the weekend to remind me to post, but it’s not been convincing me quite yet. Sigh? Sigh. But hey, I’ve been knitting, honest! There’s hats, there’s socks, there’s… stuff!


Hats Off (or something)


Hats first, then. I was putting together a junk food care package to send to a friend in the States, and I thought she needed a pussy hat. It came too late for the original Women’s March, but that’s okay. It was still well received. And then I had a friend ask if I had enough to make her one atop the first one, and I did! I’m actually going to make myself one as well, but that’s in red (and in wool you’ll see in a bit ;D).


The Year of the Sock

Last year, I went a bit off the deep end making things in advance of our family vacation. I now have quite a few nice knitted tanks floating around the house; you can get the gist of it by reading back if it’s your first time here. This year, I am thinking I want to do a lot of socks. For one, they don’t take as much wool — BUT make a great excuse to buy one-off skeins of fancy wool to use and to love:

The Pretties…

SweetGeorgia Bulletproof in Tea PartyKnit Picks goodies

The wool on the left is SweetGeorgia Bulletproof in Tea Party; I bought it for myself as a treat after knitting some snoods for a co-worker to give to her kids at Christmas. It’s what I’m currently knitting with, so keep on for pictures of that. The picture on the right is my lovely wool mail that came in today! I’d been in the market for a yarn bowl for ages, and Knit Picks had the nicest for the best possible price. So of course, I had to make up an order to get free shipping, because that’s how it goes. See that red there? Remember I mentioned a hat? Voila! It will be a ‘pussy’ hat as well, because I like the pattern and red is sort of my best clothing colour. The only problem I forgot in my excitement is that real wool can be scritchy, but I am hoping that it will be fine when it comes to being a hat.


The Socks

As for the Chroma, I hope to turn it into several pairs of socks, all for meeee. I love to knit socks:

Socks knitted in Drops pattern 'Woody' Socks knitted in  'Simple Toddler Socks' pattern by Janet Ballweber

I’ve heard people mention Second Sock Syndrome over the years, but it’s never been an issue for me. I use the first sock to map out everything I need to do, and then can zone out and blast through the second. I haven’t decided what pattern I’m going to use for the Chroma yet. The current on the needle is the Tea Party, as mentioned previously (there on left). The pattern I’m using is the first pattern I used to make socks — Just Plain Socks by Talena Winters. It’s a formula pattern, and while it might’ve been a bit into the deep end for my first-ever pair of socks, it felt like a good place to return to now that I have a bit of experience. It’s coming along great, and I suspect that it’s a pattern I will use for years to come.


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