It’s been… longer than I intended since I last posted here. I’ve been productive though! While my plans for socks last year ended up postponed until this year, I did make jumpers for both of my children, a blanket for the neighbour’s newborn, and so on. If I comb my main blog, I could probably tell you more specifics.

So yes, socks. I bought that huge batch of sock wool from Wool Warehouse. I’ve made two pairs so far, one of which I am currently wearing. I’ve got the wool for the next pair on my desk, with the first skein caked up and ready to go.

I am also working on scrap blankets… ‘scrap’ being ‘all those toy kits that come with the magazines that I swear I am going to make sometime’, but never do. I cast off a knit one yesterday, and started on a crochet one to contrast with sock knitting.

If you’re here and reading this, there’s probably a good chance that you not only know about my Etsy shop, you’ve probably bought something since the last time I posted. Things have been a bit busy during lockdown, which I’ve appreciated. It’s helped keep me sane and busy. So of course, I found ways to make it all the crazier making…

See these babies? They’re for 1.5mm needles. One. Point. Five. What am I even doing, ha ha. I need to get them photographed and listed, but I’ve not gotten around to it yet. A part of it is I’m not sure that 10 is a big enough set for that sort of tiny lace knitting, or like. I don’t know. I’m probably going to have to try my hand at knitting lace to get the full answers. Eh. I’m probably overthinking everything… I’m good at that.

Right, that’s enough of a dump for now. I know I say every time I pop up I will try to stick around a bit more, and I’m hoping that this’ll be the time it sticks. We’ll see!


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