Tabula Rasa


tabula rasa ‎(usually uncountable, plural tabulae rasae or tabulæ rasæ)

  1. (uncountable) The idea that the mind comes into this world as a “blank slate“.
  2. (countable) Anything which exists in a pristine state.



I am aware that I have waaaaay fallen off the wagon of blogging here. The Scarlet B is still getting some attention, and I’m managing dailies over at Raeyn[Dot]Com, but here… I just had too much to blog about and it sort of wore me down. I was doing so many projects, and trying to rush through several in advance of our holiday, and… well… our holiday was nice? Our holidays were nice? And here we are in a new year, and I am finally making myself get the ball rolling again here. I’ve been trying for months — ‘just one little post,’ I reasoned with myself over and over again. And yet, I never quite got there. So here it is, finally, me trying to do that.


A Fresh Start

So here, this is me putting all that has come before behind. I will briefly mention that I have recently finished another pair of socks, several hats for The Big Knit, a few toys, and so on. I’ve played lots of games, to include Sims 4, Civilization VI, Pokémon Moon (and Sun in the queue). I got hooked on Stardew Valley for a bit, and will probably go for another spin of that.


What Now?

Honestly, I don’t know. I haven’t even decided how often I should be posting here — just that I need to get back into the habit. I rationalise that I can mention what I’m doing day-to-day over at Raeyn[Dot]Com, but keep specifics about gaming and crafting here. I think it’s an outlet that I still need, even if I’ve been slack about it lately. But if I do fall off the wagon again — those blogs are a good place to start to find me, as well as my Instagram account. Yeah, the name changed a bit after I lost control of my old one and they deleted it rather than commit to any level of ‘customer’ service. Sigh.

Anyways, howdy. I’ll try to not be a stranger.


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