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Since moving to the United  Kingdom mumbly-odd years ago (nine), I have found that my sleeves have shrunk to nothing. Oh, I have long-sleeved shirts, and plenty of awesome t-shirts (lately due to TeeTurtle). So making shirts like this gorgeous ribbed shell have suited my need to have a warm torso, but arms free to regulate my temperature.

IMG_20160420_212552 IMG_20160503_165332 IMG_20160503_165353

Now me, I also like my clothing to be fairly plain. ‘Classic’, if you will. So a lot of the patterns that pulled down for my holiday knits were nice simple staple pieces that would hold me in good stead for some time to come, such as this ribbed shell. Plus yanno, I have an ambitious knitting schedule that I ‘need’ to finish before the end of the month, so things that weren’t too complicated were the best use of time.

IMG_20160522_191645 IMG_20160522_191702 IMG_20160526_185158 IMG_20160525_212222321

IMG_20160611_154055407_HDRI’ve already worn this one out once for the village fun day a few weeks ago. In spite of it being hot and muggy (or what passes for hot here; the muggy is world universal ¬¬), it was very comfortable and I was happy to show off my work. I’ve not blocked it yet, being horrible about ever blocking anything, but it seems to fit pretty nicely in spite of that. We’ll see what my dithering brain decides on, because as much as I like it, I wouldn’t mind being able to get a bit more length out of it.


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I wanted to add, while I am thinking about it, that I am on a new Instagram account, @raeyncrafts. My account got hacked, and in spite of me taking it back and trying to clean up the damage, Instagram found it easier to disable my account rather than actually help me. I’m sort of addicted to Instagram as a medium, so. If you’re on there, follow me, don’t follow me, whatever suits. Pretty much all of the pictures that end up here come from there, so if you want more pictures and less words, then there you go. 😀

Next time, pictures and gabble about the Abrazo top.


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