The next top on my roster is the lovely Pulina in Berroco Karma. Now, as much as I admired this pattern, I was annoyed that I couldn’t find a similar-but-cheaper wool to do it in. So I sucked it up and bought the actual wool the pattern calls for.

IMG_20160319_160901 IMG_20160414_211902 IMG_20160416_204246 IMG_20160418_220248

Still, I managed to get it for a reasonably good price via LoveKnitting, and I really wanted to do a chunky knit to clear my palate after completing my Nesoi tee.

IMG_20160423_153426 IMG_20160420_182717776_HDR IMG_20160420_182704643_HDR

I think it took me a total of three days to knit up — even with the fussiness of tape yarn, it was straight garter stitch for the body, and that took little to no time. The hardest challenge I had was in how to best join the front and the back without making a nasty visible seam. I’m fairly confident in joining stockinette edge to edge, but this was my first go on something that was pure garter. It came out perfectly well after reading around online and finding guidance (smile to frown, yo!). I’d be tempted to do it again in another colour, but as the yarn has been discontinued, it’s getting increasingly difficult to find the various shades. Oh well. Considering that I don’t really like having dupes of anything, that’s fine too. It’ll stand on its own unique merits. 😀

Next time, I’ll talk about my ribbed shell, and for the moment, I’m enjoying my first foray into lace knitting… but I’ll talk about that down the line.


The Pulina pattern is free from LoveKnitting, and the last shade available on the site is on a seriously good sale price right now.

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