Nesoi Tee

As promised, I’m starting to work through my projects, starting with the lovely Nesoi tee. The designer, Miriam Felton, is (besides being a good friend of mine) an amazing designer and knitter. It made me really happy to pick it to start my knitting for my summer holiday wardrobe.


IMG_20160221_211232 IMG_20160305_133249 IMG_20160312_154240 IMG_20160320_200814

Now, I won’t pretend that this top wasn’t a challenge. It was my first time knitting with lace-weight wool, which is a fancy term for expensive string. It took me a bit to feel like I wasn’t going to botch it and to get into the rhythm with it, but it’s the sort of pattern that builds fairly quickly, what with being mainly straight stockinette in the round.


The End Result

IMG_20160402_115918 IMG_20160413_171200969_HDR IMG_20160413_171205971 IMG_20160413_171211241

I pose so pretty, ha ha. The top took me just under two months to complete, which I thought was pretty awesome. I haven’t blocked it I admit, so I need to go back and do that (I’ve only just done my first attempt at blocking today, so we’ll get to talking about that later). I’m hoping that when I do do that as is proper, I’ll find some sleeves, ’cause I like the sleeves in her version, but somehow mine are just not there. Worst comes to worst and if it bothers me, I can always try to embiggen them with some crochet or something.

So there you go — some picture spam, and a recommendation to give this pattern a go. I know that the idea of doing a top can seem imposing, but the actual knitting techniques required to knit this project are on the super-easy side. I know for me at this stage, I’m happy doing ‘straight’ patterns because I enjoy the simplicity of the look. So of course, the next one I’m going to blog about is another simple knit, but not a simple look when it was done. ;D


The Nesoi Tee is available via Ravelry for $7.20



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