Why, Howdy There!

Hello, crafty and sundry!

Somehow it’s June. Last I posted here, it was March. Barely. While I haven’t been writing though, I have been knitting! Projects include:

Nesoi Tee
Ribbed Shell
A shawl
Some toys

In progress currently includes:

A crochet blanket
A different ribbed top
The cross-stitch. Yes, still. xD

It is my current intent to do a post about each project over the next couple of days/weeks with plenty of picture spam! If you are in need of a fix sooner, then check out my Instagram or Ravelry account. The former gets pictures as things progress pretty frequently, while the latter is *mainly* updated. But mainly, this is just me checking in and saying that I’m alive and still crafting.




  1. I love seeing your posts on Instagram. The gradient shawl is so pretty. I’m totally lame at updating my blog. It usually occurs to me 5 seconds after I have no energy left to do it lol. IG and Rav are just so much quicker aren’t they?

    1. They really are quicker. I’ve got quite an addiction to Instagram since getting a phone that takes decent pictures!

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