No Second Sock Syndrome Here!

Hello, Crafty and Sundry! Happy new year and all that jazz, if you’re into it.

As one might expect, knitting and gaming have occurred. I’m still on the Skyrim kick. I’ve been enjoying the holiday period for zoning out, which means more Skyrim than most other things. I’m level 55, I still have about 2 million quests I can do, and I have a spoon too. My spoon makes me happy, yes yes yes.


Socks Ahoy!

IMG_20160106_205109 IMG_20160109_193031 IMG_20160109_205634 IMG_20160109_211025

First things first — I finished the socks as of last night. Smallhausen, the intended recipient, was quite happy with them. At least, she says that. I make her things and she puts them somewhere else. I don’t hold it against her; she’s just a kid after all. I’m glad that they fit, that they are in her favourite colour, and that I could make something nice at her behest — because even if she never wears them again, she asked me to make them and I’m happy that I could.


Hat is a Cat

12317823_1086947984662412_1117806886_n Of course, I might have stopped in the middle for a day or two to make something for myself… which means that I did. My Stitch ‘n Bitch group has an annual Christmas dinner, and we do a lucky dip there as well. We all bring a ball of wool to toss in a bag and then see what comes of it. I ended up with some gorgeous Rowan Big Colour, and the lovely lady who had put it in the pot had suggested that it was enough to make a hat. I was okay with that — a nice fluffy hat seemed a really good idea. And then I thought… cat hat? It took me a freaking day of researching to believe that making a cat hat was so easy, but it turns out that it really is. I used a free pattern from Worsted Knitt and adjusted based on the gauge to fit my head. But really, you knit straight up, stop an inch lower than the width, and then do a three needle bind-off. Really, I think I spent more time picking back cast-on rounds that were the wrong size because I didn’t do a gauge square for once, or because I managed to twist my cast-on. Now, if only I had some snow to christen it with…


A Clash of Colours

12354024_456004434583426_984794295_nOnce I’m near to finishing a project, I like to have one or two queued up to consider. So having something on the go for Smallhausen, having made a thing or two for me, I wanted to get something whipped up for Littlerbit. I had clocked this lovely pattern from Rowan, and I figured I could use it to stash bust a bit. After all, I have an infinite-seeming amount of double knit wool around the house, it made sense to try and get through some of it. Over the holidays, I had brought two colours with me to consider while spending a day at my in-law’s house. My mother-in-law is somewhere between a former knitter, and a sporadic knitter, but she apparently still had wool around the house that she wanted to see used up. That’s how I ended up with that Crofter DK back against the screen; I’d brought the red and the mulberry, and she handed me enough Sirdar to make the cardigan and a bit spare. Even if I’m not particularly a fan of the pinkiness, it’s a pretty wool that I know tends to knit up really nicely, so I’m quite happy to take it and put it to work.

IMG_20160110_122238 IMG_20160110_133101 IMG_20160110_165933 IMG_20160110_180756

Even if I got off to a false start in doing the gauge square (I went in garter instead of stockinette, whups!), gauge was done quickly enough for me to call it close enough and get started. I’m making it a few sizes up anyways so Littlerbit can wear it after she outgrows some of the beauties my mother-in-law made for Smallhausen. It’s been some time since I’ve made a cardigan for a small person, so it’ll be interesting to see how quickly I get through it. When I was updating my Ravelry profile earlier, I found that I had gotten through some projects faster than I thought I had, so we’ll see how I manage this time. If I don’t get lost completely in Skyrim, hee hee.

And if you’re interested in what little Skyrim mumbling I’ve been doing online, you can check it out on my Tumblr. I might write a post about it properly sometime, but this one is getting long and I should go.



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