A Tiny Cardigan, and Bigger Hats

Hello, crafty and sundry!


When last we met, I was starting on a cardigan for my youngest daughter. I can report that as of today, it is done and complete!

IMG_20160206_172159  IMG_20160212_112154 IMG_20160212_171721IMG_20160211_203401

The buttons arrived this morning, and I quite happily sewed them on after I finished my for-pay work of the day. The nature of the wool and its striping meant that I wasn’t completely confident that I was going to be able to buy buttons, mixed pack or otherwise, and find enough that worked. I think that the end result speaks for itself — the buttons work well in context, and well enough match the colours of the cardigan itself. As for Littlerbit? She loves it. I guess seeing me working on it for ages and finally letting her pay attention to it… *chuckles* I could probably stand to block it to get a bit more length in the torso, but that can wait until I remember to pick up a mat from my mother-in-law’s house.


Another Hat Like a Cat

Smallhausen decided that she too needed a cat hat like mine — cue buying wool. Quite a bit of wool. Because of reasons.


Pictured: Discount, but nice!


Pictured: Expensive and gorgeous <3

Oh okay, maybe it wasn’t *that* much wool, but it included my most expensive wool purchase to date; that would be the two skeins of the Fyberspates Scruptious Lace in Cherry so I can finally make my Nesoi tee! That’s in amusing contrast to the wool purchase on the left, which is some discount (but not unpleasant) chunky wool that I bought with no particular usage in mind. The goodies on the left were rounding out an order that was a present for a friend, while the expensive niceness was rounding out a later order to get the wool for Smallhausen’s cat hat. Which basically all boils down to oh hey, Deramores, you have done a fantastic job getting money off of me in the past month or two (like, in excess of £100, though a large chunk of that was me filling in gaps in my interchangeable circular needle tips).

Of course, I’ve not gotten to the hat in question — voila:

IMG_20160126_195557 IMG_20160126_195538 IMG_20160126_195608

She was well pleased with the outcome, and even better, she didn’t notice that I’d picked it back and redone part of it after she had gone to bed. You see, the top is done with a three needle bind-off (which I think I’ve mentioned before), and I did it with the right sides facing out rather than in. That meant there was a really sharp line across the top. It was slightly annoying to undo the cast off, but it didn’t take too long and the end result was much nicer looking, and muchly envied on the playground by both classmates and parents alike.


And Bigger

IMG_20160212_202133[1] While doing all these things for the kiddos and myself, best-husband told me that he would love it if I would make him a hat. So after a bit of poking around, I settled on Finally, as it looked like a nice simple hat with a little bit of flair. I’ve done enough hats that I could probably blag a basic beanie without even thinking about it, but I’m not mucked in far enough into the design aspect of things to be happy trying to get past the basics, not yet. I am hoping that I can finish it over the weekend, as his birthday is next week, and that would be a nice little top-up (insert rimshot here) to the rest of the birthday wossits and things. We’ll see. I’m not sure that I am going to get any more done on it tonight because my meds are starting to crash in hard, and that rarely works in my favour when I am trying to get more knitting done.



Best-husband bought me a copy of Craft the World for my birthday, and I promptly lost myself playing it for a couple of weeks. Which is to say, it’s super fun. I thought it was going to be a Minecraft-a-like, but it wasn’t. You start out with a single dwarf and a modest stockpile on a virgin world, which you then explore, dig up, turn into a fortress, and so forth until you’ve completely managed to exploit the level, or get bored enough to do something else. There’s a five level campaign mode in addition to general sandboxing, as well as multiplayer in smaller worlds called biomes. I’ve managed to figure out how to get into those without having to deal with other people, so that’s been… fun? Tedious? I’m not sure of the exact word, just that it kept me really busy.

I prodded around a bit after that, and then ended up starting yet another Sims 3 legacy. I don’t know how far I am going to get with that (I’m only at the point of the second generation begetting the third), but my Sims are generally happy and not on fire. And you know, you can’t really beat that.


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