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Hello, Crafty and Sundry!

Sorry y’all, I went quiet for a bit there. I was tinkering with the meds I take to keep my Bipolar Disorder in order (insert rimshot here), and I sort of lost a month of being able to word or do much. Whups.


That Knitter LifeSettings

However, I was totally productive in the knitting sense! I finished off my top:

IMG_20151110_212655 IMG_20151113_220521 IMG_20151127_144204 IMG_20151127_192646409

Which, all told, knitted up fairly quickly. Was it something like two months? I know it wasn’t an extensive or complicated bit of knitting; the hardest part of it was the cabling for the shoulder straps. And that really… that was easy and fun. I hadn’t done any cabling before on a piece, so I wanted something simple to ease me into ‘harder’ pieces, hee hee.

So of course, my current knit is dead easy — that pair of socks for Smallhausen:

IMG_20151205_131511 IMG_20151205_175157 IMG_20151212_150717 IMG_20151213_162133

Which, as you might surmise, is heavily paired with gaming lately. This is such a boring, run of the mill pair of socks that I’ll work like, a row, and then go back to noodling around in whatever game is taking my fancy.

IMG_3532Well that, and I don’t know what else I want to make yet exactly. But I know that whatever I do make, I want to use my newest needle set. Yes, I have the KnitPro Royale collection. I’ve been ogling it since it came out because oh hey, pretty, and I insist you can’t have too many needles. My husband had spotted that they were on sale for a good price in the Amazon Black Friday sale, and asked if I wanted them for Christmas. I smiled and said no, but that we could take it out of my post-Christmas pot — his parents usually give us both a generous wodge to spend on fun things, and we do. And while yes, this makes my third set of circulars (the other two I own being this set and that set), I argue that they’ll be the foundation of my knitting hardware for years to come. Plus you know, pretty. *whistles*

Now, I’ve had in my head that I want to do myself another pair of socks, which limits what I can do with this set (seeing how the sizes are the standard range of sizes). And then I thought about doing some thicker socks, but I don’t have any chunky wool to hand. So it’ll probably just be me thinking about it for a month or two while I dabble through these orange socks. I’ll eventually think up something to make!


That Gamer Life

I had asked for Skyrim for Christmas a few years back because it looked really good. Unfortunately, I couldn’t ever get the hang of the controls. I tried a few different times using a keyboard (I do 99% of my gaming on pc ’cause personal preference), and then my husband suggested trying to do it with an Xbox controller. That felt a little less Blair Witch-y, but I wasn’t quite sold on it. So I thought about it for a bit and dawled around in similar games (the keen-eyed will have spotted Diablo III in the screencaps above), and then decided to suck it up and try Skyrim for like, the fifth or sixth time. I don’t know what stuck this time, but it sort of has. And what’s better, it’s one of my BFFFFF‘s favourite games, so we’ve been having fun trading silly comments back and forth on messenger and then posting them to Tumblr.

So yes, I’m very happy to finally be getting into it properly, and there is just so freaking much to do that it even makes Dragon Age:Inquisition feel shallow by comparison (though I should add I’ve not bought the DLC for DA:I yet, so I don’t have the full picture). There’s also having to learn that like, you can’t pick up every little thing you find. Between encumbrance and people who will attack you for stealing their things, there’s a bit of a learning curve. It annoyed me the few attempts to give it a go, but I think I’ve got the hang of it now. And the timing is perfect, as the Christmas holiday is a perfect time to develop/redevelop a gaming addiction.


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