Oooh, Shiny — Shiny Pokémon!

Hello, crafty and sundry!

IMG_3065fYes, my Pokémon addiction continues to run amok. We even walked into town over the weekend so that I could pick up some codes for Shiny Charizards and Darkrais from our local Game store. I also found Black and Black 2 for a price comparable to what I would have paid on Amazon, which is excellent. And, bonus — the Black cartridge had a nice nest of Pokémon, to include some Legendaries. All of those got scooped up into my Pokémon Bank, and I guess I’ll refrain from restarting it for the time being. Anyways, I have to finish my play-through of White and White 2, or I can do Black 2 instead of White 2… or both eventually, hee hee.

I also need to acquire Alpha Sapphire before the end of the month, because otherwise one of the remaining Pokémon codes expires; you can apparently only use one of each per game. So I’ve got three in the three I had (X, Y, and Omega Ruby), and that one remains. Oh teh noes, needing to buy a game… tragic! *giggles*

IMG_3065Mind you, I *am* trying to work on my knitting as well. A little bit. Amongst bouts of Pokémonning. Have I mentioned how much I love this game? Oh right, several times… doot doot doot. I do still love knitting as well, but until I find a way to grow another set of arms to match my desire to do all the things against the reality of being able to do some of the things at a time, it’s slightly to the backseat. Pokémon is a bit more effective at helping me ride out this patch of anxiety.

But still, I am enthused enough to have two projects on the go. The cardigan continues at a decent enough pace, and I’ve just started on a hat for the baby. It’s a simple enough pattern, worked flat… but most importantly, is my first piece of knitting with actual cables! I’d done a practice of a cable on a bit of scrap some time ago, enough to assure me that I -can- do it. I also had confirmation from a fellow left-handed knitter that for the cables to go the right direction, I need to work it opposite a right-handed person would (being that if it’s say, C4B, I work it C4F). I figure this is a nice little ratcheting up of the difficulty level; I already know I can make big pieces, but maybe now I can make *fancy* pieces. It’s exciting to progress, and one of the nice things about progressing in a crafting medium is you can legit see how you’ve progressed, which is super-edifying.

I’ve been remiss in my baking lately; I really should try to make another cheesecake sometime. My husband has filling in the gap with cookies and a carrot cake (as requested by our eldest), but with my health kicking my ass so hard, I’ve not even been able to think about it. Which is sad, especially since some of the baking I wanted to do was bread. We received a new microwave for Christmas that proofs bread, and I’ve yet to put it through its paces in that sense… most sad. Eventually though!


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