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IMG_3018One thing that is a constant source of amusement to me is the misconception that Pokémon is a game for children only. Yes, it’s cartoonish and cute, and nobody actually dies… but the first game came out in the late 1990s. Which means some of us have been playing the franchise for um… yeah… coming up on 20 years.

Now, I’d clocked the cartoon first, which would have been in 1998 or 1999. I thought it was a cute little adventure… and then I found out there was a game. Now, I’ve had a Game Boy since my 10th birthday in 1992, and since being an adult, more than one. I have at current 2 Game Boy Colours, 2 Game Boy Advances, one first-gen DS compliments of a friend, and a pair of 2DSes because they came bundled with Pokémon games and I had Christmas-birthday money to spend. Heck, I’ve already decided that I want one of the new generation 3DS XLS for Christmas this year (which is also a sort of relief ’cause I’d ran out of things to want, ha ha). In short, I have a pretty fully-fledged PokéAddiction, and I’m not ashamed or quiet about it.

So of course, part of my Christmas money rather belatedly went to get myself a copy of Omega Ruby; I’ll pick up Alpha Sapphire later in the year. It’s a remake of Ruby and Sapphire, which I already have (and Emerald as well). I love the remakes though because they add new and interesting features which certainly enhance gameplay. Not that I need enhanced gameplay to feed my addiction either, ha ha. Just because I’m in the mood for Pokémon and it’s a ‘new’ game, I’ve already put in 129 hours in like… well, a couple of weeks. It keeps my hands busy when they have a free moment.

IMG_3026IMG_3032Unfortunately, that means I’m slacking on my knitting. I can’t be too mad at myself about it — I finished my cardigan (which is getting rave reviews), and those socks, and a pair of armwarmers for myself. That’s some pretty good productivity, and seeing how my next big project is another cardigan? Taking a sort of break isn’t a bad deal. Having said that, I have totally tried to make myself stop and do a few rows a day on the cardigan so it gets somewhere. I’ve got the first three and a half inches of the back completed and started into the shaping, so that’s a good feeling. I’m trying to nudge myself along a few stitches at a time — do a Pokémon battle, do a few stitches, and things start growing properly, hee hee.

I’m also still a bit off-kilter because my desktop computer is still not back in full operations. We finally sent the broken graphics card back for repair/replacement, and in the interim I have a really old card from my oldest computer subbing in. It’s good ’cause it proves definitively it was the outgoing card; this one is eight years old and can even grudgingly run the newest Dragon Age title without getting more than slightly warm. It’s too choppy to be legit playable, but anyways. It’ll be nice to be able to make use of my bigger screen for games again once the replacement shows up. If they don’t try to dick me out of it; I’ve not been happy dealing with Palicomp and will definitely move all my future business over to PC Specialist because their customer service is awesome and they do great rigs. Seriously y’all, if you’re in the UK and want a custom built laptop, they’re amazing.

That’s about it right now. Hope everyone has a great Easter!


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