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Red hat to the right, blue cardi to the left

While most of my attention continues to be eaten up by Pokémon (I’m currently working on filling up the entire National Pokédex for once), I have been trying to make some sincere effort on my knitting as well. And not just normal, left-handed knitting — I’m also working on my right-handed (wrong-handed) knitting as well. Why am I bothering to learn how to do it right-handed? Honestly, sheer stubbornness. I have no desire to become a right-handed knitter, but it seemed like learning the basics would be a worthwhile challenge. I am currently working on a baby hat for charity right-handed. My friend Emma decided to take her new-found knitting skills to knit baby hats because of an experience in her life, and I thought something that size would be good practice in that regard. The charity is Baby Beanies, and I found a copy of the pattern I’m doing from them here on this site. Or you can email them and get both of the patterns and all the other information; I’m working off of what Emma received, ’cause that was easiest for me.

I will say one thing for trying to knit cack-handed versus crocheting with my right hand — it mirrors better. I can’t do things exactly-exactly the same, but I can do it a lot more similarly than I can in crochet. The way I hold my wool in crochet is that it’s balanced between my first and index finger, and I’ve yet to be able to get that to mirror for the purposes of right-handed crochet. I also move the hook rather than the wool, and I’ve not managed to find that equivalency either. I wish I could, because even just learning the rudiments of knitting right-handed helps me a lot in understanding things that one has to do backwards to get the knitting to look the same. While I’m not super-fussed by getting it to look exactly like it does in the pattern for personal use, I wouldn’t mind getting good enough to potentially test knit for friends. In my head, being able to do that would be a levelling up of sorts, hee hee. I think that also might require me to buckle down and get the couple of little patterns I’ve scribbled out turned into actual patterns too, because that should help give me further insight into the planning stages of such.

tl;dr — I still love some knitting.



And now, circling shortly back around to Pokémon! Out of some 721 possible Pokémon, I have 520 and have seen 556. That’s not too bad. I completed the Hoenn Pokédex, barring only the Mythical Pokémon Jirachi. I’m always sad that I’ve missed out on so many event-only Pokémon, but ah well. It’s not like they’ll never-never-never come back around, you know? I also have the Kanto/original Pokédex completed barring two of the Legendary birds, and Mew. The former I’ll be able to get via my assorted cartridges, the latter… hrmph. I think I might have a Mew on one of my Generation I cartridges, but as you can’t trade I and II up to III and later generations, it doesn’t do much for me.

I’ve also stopped my relentless grind of trading back and forth from my own cartridges to engage in some more Wonder Trading. Sure, one has to go through a lot of chaff to get any wheat, but sometimes it’s worth it. I’ve gotten two shinies in the past 24 hours, and I even received a starter Pokémon with Pokérus! I laughed at how slow I am, though — I hadn’t caught that shinies had a red star marking on their summary… makes me wonder how many shinies I missed because I couldn’t squint out colour differences, and didn’t know about that marking.

Plus, sitting and watching trades go through gives me more time to knit, which of course, is excellent.



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  1. Your hands/fingers must have hated using the muscles that way at first. So proud of you! and I am being stubborn about learning crochet, period. It is not coming easy but I am still determined to learn it!

    I’ve missed seeing you BTW! not to guilt you, just a fact 🙂

    1. Aww. 🙂 I’ve just like… not had a lot to say. Had a bit more to say over at The Scarlet B, but only just!

      1. only just as in content, or as in recent?

        1. As in I’ve done a few more posts over here than over here, but I’ve not been meeting the once a week I’d been hoping to commit to. I’m not going to beat myself up over it though — I’m still doing both of my dailies with no problems. 🙂

          1. I am glad you aren’t beating yourself up about it!

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