A Wild Scarf Appeared!

Hello, crafty and sundry!

Now me, I couldn’t resist a Pokémon reference, hee hee. While I don’t have Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire yet, they’ll eventually make their way into my hot little hands. Because yanno, I’ve been addicted to the franchise for the entire almost 20 year span, so… gotta catch ’em all!

IMG_2748 IMG_2749Now, I can report that I’ve been making some awesome progress on my cardigan. I’m to the part where I do the armhole shaping, which means I’m probably about halfway done with the back (which of course, is the biggest part). I was getting a right good tease about it at Stitch ‘n Bitch the other day; I’ve been taking Lilbit’s best friend’s mother with me, and as she’s a neophyte to the craft, she likes to rib me good-naturedly about my relative level of skill. I grin — she’s well on the way to joining me, especially now that she’s picked up purling. I mean really… if you can purl, and if you can knit, you’re like, 90% of the way to doing just about anything you want. Well, after she learns how to bind off, at least!



IMG_2746I’m the kind of person that likes to have one thing on the go at a time. I only read one book at a time, I only do one project per craft at a time, and so on. So I surprised myself yesterday by deciding to do a scarf. I was cheering a friend on while she worked the pattern (available for free on Ravelry). I was also making a point to check the pattern math for her, because she’d somehow gained like, nine stitches. I couldn’t help too much, as she’s a right-handed continental knitter, and I’m a left-handed english knitter (thrower 4 lyfe!), but I got to thinking — scarves are easy, I have some chunky to use up, and I don’t have anything new to wear to the Stitch ‘n Bitch Christmas party. It’s our tradition to wear something we made, so I figured rocking up in a new pretty scarf out of the blue would kick ass.

As to be expected of chunky, it knits up really fast. I don’t know that I’ll finish it today, but I should definitely have it knocked out over the weekend by my reckoning. We’ll see. I like really long scarves, so it might be what runs out of steam first — me, or the ball of wool. And the wool leftovers that I’m using is James C. Brett Marble Chunky in MC 14; I consider this gloriously amusing, seeing how the cardigan is in James C. Brett Marble DK in MT11. I tend to just nab Stylecraft or King Cole because they’re cheap and cheerful and perfectly nice, so I didn’t expect to find myself doing two projects in fluffy gradient goodness (and especially not at the same time). But really, I guess it’s normal for a lot of knitters to do a small project in the middle of a big project to help keep sane, so it’s not like the hell of doing multiple crochet projects and trying to remember which hook fell out of which mass of yarn, ha ha.

Anyways, good times in the land of knitting.



  1. Very beautiful!!

    1. Thanks! 😀 It’s a really fun knit.

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