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Back of the Queue (A Comedy of Errors)

Hello, crafty and sundry! Now, most of us will have a queue of projects in mind. I don’t know about most people, but I tend to leave it to one or two projects max, because I don’t want to have too many things tempting me — I work really hard to have one or two …

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A Tiny Cardigan, and Bigger Hats

Hello, crafty and sundry!   When last we met, I was starting on a cardigan for my youngest daughter. I can report that as of today, it is done and complete!   The buttons arrived this morning, and I quite happily sewed them on after I finished my for-pay work of the day. The nature …

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Slower Than Expected Socks

Hello, crafty and sundry! I don’t know why I thought a pair of socks would be a quick knit. I mean, it was in the scheme of things; it took me less than a month (or just over a month?) to crank them out. That’s pretty quick all told, especially considering that my focus has …

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And Suddenly, a Cardigan Appears!

Hello, crafty and sundry! I fell down the wormhole again… sorry about that. Computer problems tends to make me really bad about blogging ’cause the energy that would have happily gone to nattering about things gets eaten up by fret and stress. And also, it meant that I couldn’t get my gaming on in a …

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