A Great Day (For Banana Bread)


Two perfectly overripe bananas, just waiting for some love.

Hello, all and sundry!


Under the cupboard, ooh la la (okay fine, counter. Anyways! :D)

I’ve been looking around my house for the last couple of days trying to think what I should post about. As heavily as I game, I could probably natter on about Minecraft or The Sims non-stop, but that would get dull.

This morning, Lilbit (my 4 year old) asked me for a banana. When I went to get her set up with one, I noticed there was some delightfully overripe ones also on the table. Both Lilbit and her father like them unripe, so the second they go a bit brown, they tend to give them a miss (I exaggerate slightly there). So it didn’t exactly surprise me to find some that were past overripe and into falling apart, which is perfect for making a loaf of banana bread.

Now, like many people, I have my definitive recipe for this. I can’t remember IMG_2503who pointed me to Beard on Bread, but it’s been both the start and the stop for most of my loaf-related baking. Which is to say, there’s a good basic loaf recipe, banana bread recipes, and coffee cake recipes. I’ve not done the book A to Z, but I also don’t have an army to feed either (and my mother-in-law flips between amazement at my baking magic, and mild annoyance at having so much temptation to hand).


Totally intentional. Didn’t leave the bananas under a pile of bags, nope nope nope.

Of course, one of the best things about banana bread is that it’s an all-purpose loaf. You can have it for breakfast, or for a snack, or for dessert with custard — everything is better than custard, I have learned since immigrating to the United Kingdom. It’s a really simple recipe, and has a pretty darn good shelf life (yanno, if you treat it properly and at least chuck a towel over it). And of course, it gives you the opportunity to come off as a thoughtful baker rather than someone who constantly forgets that there are bananas in the house. No, nobody here forgets there’s bananas, no no no. *cough*

And bonus — this recipe is available online compliments of the James Beard Foundation!

Banana Bread

 IMG_2505Now, there’s one suggestion I emphatically make over the recipe’s instructions. It suggests you should bake the loaf for 45-50 minutes, and I disagree. I have found time and time again that baking it for an hour on the dot does the trick, and provides a moist, thoroughly cooked loaf of deliciousness. I also leave out the nuts most times, but that’s more because I forget to buy nuts than any other reason. It’s very good either way. In fact, it’s so good that I didn’t let it cool for more than a few minutes before I cut myself a slice — bliss. I’m thinking I’ll be going back for another soon, and that my husband and Lilbit will be very lucky if there’s anything left for them when they get back!

Back to knitting. Hopefully. If Littlerbit (that’s the baby) lets my have my arms back.




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  1. I don’t even buy bananas bec. of my fruit fly insanity (Hate them – once almost got locked up I was so bonkers about them) – my son brought some home and within seconds I saw a fruit fly and threw them in the fridge. Naturally they turned black – perfect for banana bread. Except that I went past the use by date (ie, they were gross). 🙁 Ergo, have no banana bread unless some thoughtful soul like yourself makes some for me.

    1. One of my dear friends has a similar issue with assorted flying critters, to a degree that she’s not completely sure they’re there (hooray, not knowing if it’s psychosis or not). But yeah… brains, eh? It’s amazingly annoying the things they find to panic over.

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