What Happened to The Scarlet B?

Long ago, the blog here was called ‘A Blog By Any Other Name’. I’d started it out before my bipolar was diagnosed, so I was putting it to general use. But since I already had a more private blog that I was doing that on, I spent a fair amount of time being annoyed that I was doing the same thing twice (and trying to keep it different in both locations). When I was diagnosed bipolar, it made sense to me to transition it to a theme blog that I could use to share my experiences, and do some self-therapy.

Eventually, I had inspiration to rename it to ‘The Scarlet B’. At the time, http://www.thescarletb.com was not available, but looked unused enough that I figured it might become available. I told myself when it did, I’d transition over to the new domain so that the names matched up better. I dithered on that for a few months before splashing out the whole £6.20 to lock it in for a year. And then I broke the ever-loving crap out of my blog install (like, decimated the back end so I couldn’t actually do anything to it), which encouraged me to get off my ass and move it to the new domain.

So anyways, if you were looking for my bipolar blog, it’s over there. But feel free to stick around here for crafting and gaming babble as you see fit!