I *AM* Trying: The Story of Counseling Not Working (Ever)

One of the biggest things recommended for coping with a mental illness is going to see a therapist. Talking therapies are considered a gold standard, and many people consider those who aren’t going to therapy to not be trying. Hi, … Continue reading

What My Hobbies Don’t Make Me (A List of Sorts About Stereotypes)

Just because I’ve been a video gamer my entire life, it doesn’t mean I’m some sort of murderer unable to integrate into society. Just because I’m a crocheter and a knitter, it doesn’t make me a grandmother. I’ve been doing … Continue reading

Self-Promotion: A Challenge in Self-Affirmation

Yesterday was a big day for me, after a fashion. I set up a Facebook page for this blog: https://www.facebook.com/TheScarletB And I set up a Google+ page as well: http://www.gplus.to/TheScarletB I’ll be making use of these pages as another way … Continue reading