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A Tiny Cardigan, and Bigger Hats

Hello, crafty and sundry!   When last we met, I was starting on a cardigan for my youngest daughter. I can report that as of today, it is done and complete!   The buttons arrived this morning, and I quite happily sewed them on after I finished my for-pay work of the day. The nature …

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Socks and Tops and Things

Hello, crafty and sundry! I have been having a lovely time of knitting-not-knitting. Which is to say, I -am- knitting, but it took a lot of not-knitting to get to that point. Socks Even though I had i mind to do start my next big project in the form of my Hobo top, I also …

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The Cardigan is Done (And Onward we Run)

Hello, crafty and sundry! I swear, one day I will stop with the cutesy rhyming titles. That day is obviously not today so… nyah nyah? 😀   But yes, I had the pleasure of finishing my cardigan off Tuesday night, just in time to show off at my Stitch ‘n Bitch group yesterday. I’m always …

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