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Knitting Up the Loose Ends

Hello, crafty and sundry! My, it’s been busy around here lately, and I’ve apparently fallen off the blogging bandwagon. It, in part, started because I was having computer troubles. My desktop’s GPU (graphics processing unit, or graphics card) was overheating for some reason, and I’ve spent some time troubleshooting it. That included taking things apart …

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Knitting Pattern: Easy Baby Armwarmers

Hello, crafty and sundry! Today, I am pleased to announce the release of my first pattern. This one is a freebie, because come on — who charges for their first effort?! The desire to create this pattern came about because there seemed to be a dearth of patterns for armwarmers for tiny people. There’s tonnes …

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Level Up!

Hello, crafty and sundry! Now, I’ve been using the same banana bread recipe for years. I’ve mentioned it in previous posts, because hey, it’s a great recipe and I highly recommend it to everyone. I’m not doing anything particularly different in making it, outside of leaving out the nuts because Smallhausen doesn’t like them (fair …

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