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The Socks (and Hat) Edit

Yeah yeah yeah, I know, I continue to not be doing a great job of posting regularly. My health continues to suck, and it means that I don’t blog like I want to. Sorry about that. I’ve set myself alarms on the weekend to remind me to post, but it’s not been convincing me quite …

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No Second Sock Syndrome Here!

Hello, Crafty and Sundry! Happy new year and all that jazz, if you’re into it. As one might expect, knitting and gaming have occurred. I’m still on the Skyrim kick. I’ve been enjoying the holiday period for zoning out, which means more Skyrim than most other things. I’m level 55, I still have about 2 …

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The Cardigan is Done (And Onward we Run)

Hello, crafty and sundry! I swear, one day I will stop with the cutesy rhyming titles. That day is obviously not today so… nyah nyah? 😀   But yes, I had the pleasure of finishing my cardigan off Tuesday night, just in time to show off at my Stitch ‘n Bitch group yesterday. I’m always …

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