A Sort of Glorious Relaunch

Hello, all and sundry!

Firstly, if you are here because you followed this blog when it was The Scarlet B, allow me to direct you to its new home:: The Scarlet B. The long and the short is that I broke the back-end here irrevocably, so I got off my ass and moved domains as I promised myself that I would do a long long time ago. Because I’m self-hosted WordPress, I can’t transfer you guys over there as followers… sorry about that. 🙂

Happiness is digital cake. Or any cake, really.

Happiness is digital cake. Or any cake, really.

As for everyone else — welcome to my latest endeavour in blogging! I’ve had this domain for a very long time, and I couldn’t let it languish or pass on from my usage, so here I am. And I reckon — I have hobbies, so why don’t I pool my nattering about them into one convenient place? You’re likely to find posts about knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, cheerfully botched attempts at sewing, baking, cooking, and games… lots about games. I’ve been a gamer since ye olde Atari days, and I haven’t relented in that hobby in the slightest.

While some might not consider me a ‘real’ gamer because I am a solo player and *gasp* dare to love The Sims franchise, I shrug and grin — fuck you! Yeah, there might be a touch of ‘social justice’ weaved in as well, because gate-keeping is some nasty shizz and I’m quickly losing my tolerance for it. I could totally list my 30 year-long creds here, but I won’t. You’ll just have to see what gaming is piquing my interest as time goes along, and heck, maybe some of y’all will point me towards new games (if anyone can stop me from playing my current addiction, which is Minecraft).

Anyways, let the fun begin.


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