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I'm a caffeine-based lifeform!

I’m a caffeine-based lifeform!

I’m just chilling at home today, like I do for Mondays, doing my best to un-dilute my caffeine stream. It seems to boot harder at the dizziness than plain water, though I’m making sure to get a couple of liters of that into me as well.

It occurs to me that the dizziness might not be from sickness, but from the Zoloft. I’m hoping not — it certainly feels like flu-dizzy rather than anything else. I like to think I’m an expert on dizzy; I’ve had problems with it off and on my entire life. I’ve got low blood pressure, and that used to cause some pretty severe recurrent dizziness and vertigo (they kept chucking Meclazine//Dramamine at me when I was in the Air Force). I guess we will just have to see what the state of things is in a few more days, and go from there. Really though, I’d just like for it to settle down enough for me to think a bit!

Really though, I continue to be in fairly good spirits. Anything is better than April was, ha ha.

I don’t really know what to say past that, so I won’t. Hope this Monday is being kindly to y’all.



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