Socialization Overload

I declare it a toss-up as to whether or not I’m going to survive the month of May… and with the month only just started.

My husband and I are cheerfully introverted. Our socialization needs are very low, so of course, all the things in the world tend to come up at the same time. This month sees family visiting, Eurovision, and a friend’s wedding atop my usual commitment to Stitch ‘n Bitch. There’s at least one medical appointment (my psychiatrist next week), and knowing my luck, other things will pop up. Because that’s exactly what I need on the back of a month where I left the house twice.

Mind you, I’m not complaining. I look forward to seeing my ‘brother’ and his family. I look forward to seeing friends. But as I am sure many of you can empathise with, it’s just a daunting prospect at this vantage. And even if I can convince the psychiatrist to give me something for the anxiety side of the house, it’s my understanding that meds for anxiety tend to take a couple of weeks to work. I don’t have a couple of weeks — once the couple of weeks have past, we’ll be clear through summer and planning for our anniversary!

Still, maybe it will be alright. I actually felt sort of calm and collected yesterday. I might not be today (anxiety is spiking again), but a little optimism never hurt anything. We’ll see — I’ll keep taking this one day at a time, and hopefully it will see me out to the other side in one piece (and in peace, har har).

I hope everyone out there is having a pleasant day.


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