Your Biggest Fan, Mr. Fan (But Not Yours, Ru)

Oh yesh, I’m so clever, har har har.

I have to say that one thing I miss about Texas, besides the prevalence of central air/air conditioning, is just how many fans can be found in the average house. My apartment during my military tenure had a ceiling fan in the bedroom, I had a ceiling fan in my bedroom as a kid/teenager, and so on – moving air makes me happy, and keeps me feeling less crappy/dizzy. So I’m terribly amused that my option here of cracking the door to catch a breeze… and as I forgot my jacket, I take moments of huddling under one of my child’s light blankets. I ‘need’ the fresh air, but curses to being chilly… the situation amuses me much more than it probably should.

Really, I should break down and pick up another desk fan to use in here, but then my mother-in-law would feel like she stinted me somehow, nevermind that we stole her last fan, requiring her to buy a new one for her birthday. The joys, the joys, of having a like-minded mother-in-law who is also all about helping others out, and what a funny pair of hens we make as we flap about trying to take care of each other and our family! I’m just grateful that, in spite of our similarities, we very rarely rub each other wrong – it’s a pretty darn enviable situation, if I do say so myself.

Unexpectedly (or probably expectedly), I have another petition for you nice folks to consider. You can find it here:

End Murdoch’s Criminal Empire

As more and more revelations come out about the shady practices at his various titles (no, it wasn’t limited to the now-sacrificed News of the World – what a surprise!), I am pleased the government is doing something right and calling the Murdochs into account. Of course, this is only possible because we’re about as far from a general election as we can possibly be, which means proper morals and ethics aren’t sacrificed in the name of getting attention, but I’ll take what I can get. I sincerely hope the government doesn’t go overboard, though – there is a bad habit of leaders to be reactive rather than proactive, and this means not good things for the average joe.

And, of course, this situation gives me hope that some of the smouldering going on stateside will help burn News Corp out of the USA. For example, the head of the Wall Street Journal (which Murdoch acquired in 2007), was the head of News International when the phone-hacking scandal broke out… yeah, let that take a moment to sink in. Though I tend to be more annoyed that News Corp pays -48% tax, according to my husband’s research of yesterday (you can also read about it here) – good job, US Government, paying someone to slate you off for not being ultra-conservative. Might want to address that, neh?

In the meantime, I guess I can have a touch of schadenfreude and snigger that WH Smith couldn’t even give The Times away yesterday. They tried – as a wholesaler, they got stuck with a bunch of leftovers that other retailers couldn’t sell, and people didn’t even want the paper free. And so it goes, and I can only feel bad for all the good people being made jobless to protect and shelter a corrupt few… even if that’s always the way. :/

Anyways, back to huddling under my blanket, caressing my just-delivered book, and hopefully getting some work done too! Have yourselves a nice day whatever the case, y’hear?


[[radio edit]] Read all about it!

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